Why it is Important

Roadway Transportation is important because without roadway transportation it would take much longer to get around. Sure enough there’s other ways to get around but , roadway is some times more convenient. Also roadway transportation is some times faster and cheaper to get around with.

In the early 1700’s majority of people used horses , buggies , boats and foot to get around, which took hours and even months to get from point A to point B.

Now that we’re in our modern day trucks transport is 92% of New Zealand’s total freight by weight, with 6% going by rail and 2% on coastal shipping according to the Government 2008 National Freight Demands Study. Studies show that the proportion of freight transported by truck grew over the past 15 years. The Study predicts that over the next 22 years to 2030, there will be very little change in modal share with rail’s proportion staying the same or declining slightly while coastal shipping may double from around 2% to 4%. This will mean that over 90% of freight tonnage will still travel by truck.