Total Amount of Highways

Here is a chart with a list of how many highways we have in Kansas and the names of the highways.



Number South or west terminus North or east terminus Length
K-1.svg K-1 Oklahoma state line, continues as SH-34 US-160/183 6 miles (9.7 km) south of Coldwater 13.4 21.5
K-2.svg K-2 US-281 east of Hardtner K-42 in extreme northwestern Sumner County
K-3.svg K-3 K-47 west of Girard K-31 2 miles (3.2 km) west of Blue Mound
K-4.svg K-4 US-83 about 3 miles (4.8 km) north of Scott City US-59 near Nortonville 367.0 590.6
K-5.svg K-5 K-7 in Leavenworth US-69 in Kansas City
K-7.svg K-7 US-69/U.S. Route 160 in Columbus Nebraska state line north of White Cloud
K-8.svg K-8 (south) Oklahoma state line south of Kiowa K-2 in Kiowa 0.7 1.1
K-8.svg K-8 (north) US-36 west of Athol Nebraska state line north of Athol; continues as Nebraska Highway 10
K-9.svg K-9 K-123 on the DecaturSheridan county line US-73 near Lancaster
K-10.svg K-10 I-70/Kansas Turnpike at Exit 197 between Lecompton and Lawrence I-435 in Lenexa 38 61
K-12.svg K-12 K-7 in Shawnee Missouri state line in Kansas City
K-13.svg K-13 US-24 near Tuttle Creek Lake K-16/K-99 4 miles (6.4 km) north of Westmoreland
K-14.svg K-14 US-160 in Harper Nebraska state line north of Mankato; continues as Nebraska Highway 14 203
K-15.svg K-15 Oklahoma state line; continues as State Highway 18 Nebraska state line; continues as Nebraska Highway 15 206
K-16.svg K-16 US-77 at Randolph, Kansas US-24/US-40 in Tonganoxie, Kansas 110
K-17.svg K-17 US-54/US-400 near Waterloo K-96 south of Hutchinson 21
K-18.svg K-18 US-24 in Bogue K-99 between Wamego and I-70/US-40 206
K-19.svg K-19 US-50 in Belpre US-281 north of St. John 34
K-20.svg K-20 US-75 near the Kickapoo Indian Reservation K-7 about 4 miles (6.4 km) east of Bendena, or about 6 miles (9.7 km) southwest of Troy
K-22.svg K-22 US-36 south of Haddam, KS Haddam, KS city limits
K-23.svg K-23 Oklahoma state line; continues as State Highway 23 US-83/K-383 4 miles (6.4 km) northeast of Selden
K-25.svg K-25 Oklahoma state line; continues as State Highway 136 Nebraska state line; continues as Nebraska Highway 25
K-26.svg K-26 US-166/US-400 near the borders with Oklahoma and Missouri K-66 in Galena 3.6
K-27.svg K-27 US-56/K-51 near Elkhart Nebraska state line; continues as Nebraska Highway 27
K-28.svg K-28 K-148 north of Randall K-9 one mile (1.6 km) west of Concordia
K-30.svg K-30 I-70 Exit 341 Maple Hill City limits
K-31.svg K-31 US-69 3 miles (4.8 km) southeast of Fulton US-56 north of Osage City
K-32.svg K-32 US-24/US-40 5 miles (8.0 km) northeast of Lawrence, near the DouglasLeavenworth county line US-69 in Kansas City, Kansas
K-33.svg K-33 K-68 near the FranklinMiami county line US-56 about 5 miles (8.0 km) north of Wellsville, in extreme southeastern Douglas County
K-34.svg K-34 Jct of US-183 & US-160 US-54 at Bucklin
K-37.svg K-37[1] US-75 US-169
K-38.svg K-38[2] K-15
K-39.svg K-39 Jct US-400 NW of Fredonia Jct K-7 East of Hiattville
K-41.svg K-41 City limits of Delphos Jct US-81 North of Salina
K-42.svg K-42[3] US-281 on the outskirts of Sawyer I-235 in southwest Wichita
K-43.svg K-43 K-4 in Hope I-70/US 40 north of Detroit 20.7 33.3
K-44.svg K-44
K-46.svg K-46
K-47.svg K-47 In Fredonia; becomes Washington Street US-69, north of Pittsburg
K-49.svg K-49 US-81 in Caldwell K-42, north of Viola 35
K-51.svg K-51 Colorado state line; becomes Baca County Road “M” US-83 about 7.5 miles (12.1 km) north of Liberal
K-52.svg K-52 US-59/K-31 west of Kincaid Missouri State Line; continues as Missouri Route 52
K-53.svg K-53 US-81 west of I-35/Kansas Turnpike Exit 33 K-15 in Mulvane
K-55.svg K-55 US-81 west of Belle Plaine K-15 in Udall
K-57.svg K-57 K-4 near Dwight US-77 near Milford State Park north of Junction City
K-58.svg K-58 K-99 west of Madison US-169 near Colony
K-58.svg K-58 I-35 in Lenexa K-5 in Kansas City
K-60.svg K-60
K-61.svg K-61 US-54/US-400 in Pratt I-135/US-81/Bus. US-81 at Exit 58 2 miles southeast of McPherson
K-62.svg K-62
K-63.svg K-63 US-24 in St. Marys Nebraska state line; continues as Nebraska Highway 50
K-64.svg K-64 US-281 south of Pratt US-54/US-400 east of Pratt 3.6
K-65.svg K-65 K-3 near the BourbonAllen county line K-31 in Mapleton
K-66.svg K-66 Alternate US-69 in Galena Missouri State line east of Galena; continues as Missouri Route 66
K-67.svg K-67
K-68.svg K-68 US-75/K-31 south of Lyndon Missouri state line; continues as Missouri Route 2
K-71.svg K-71 K-63 near Bern Bern
K-74.svg K-74
K-76.svg K-76 In Williamstown US-24/US-59 just outside Williamstown
K-78.svg K-78
K-79.svg K-79
K-80.svg K-80
K-82.svg K-82
K-84.svg K-84
K-85.svg K-85
K-86.svg K-86 US-56 Canton city limits 0.3
K-87.svg K-87
K-88.svg K-88
K-89.svg K-89 Little Arkansas River Bridge (city limits) Halstead US-50 9 miles (14 km) west of Newton 1.5
K-90.svg K-90[4] K-16
K-92.svg K-92 Near Rock Creek, Kansas at K-4 Missouri state line at Leavenworth, Kansas, continues as Missouri Route 92
K-94.svg K-94
K-95.svg K-95
K-96.svg K-96 Colorado state line; continues as Colorado State Highway 96 I-35/Kansas Turnpike/US-54/US-400 on the east side of Wichita
K-98.svg K-98
K-99.svg K-99 Oklahoma state line; continues as State Highway 99 Nebraska state line; continues as Nebraska Highway 99
K-101.svg K-101
K-102.svg K-102
K-103.svg K-103
K-104.svg K-104
K-105.svg K-105 On the south side of Toronto Lake, in Toronto State Park US-54 near the GreenwoodWoodson county line
K-106.svg K-106
K-108.svg K-108[5] intersection of US-59 and Fourth Street intersection of US-59 and State Street
K-110.svg K-110
K-111.svg K-111
K-112.svg K-112
K-113.svg K-113 K-18 in southwestern Manhattan US-24 between Tuttle Creek Lake and Manhattan
K-114.svg K-114 In Fort Riley K-18 1-mile (1.6 km) outside of Fort Riley
K-115.svg K-115
K-116.svg K-116 K-16/US-75 in Holton US-59 near Cummings
K-117.svg K-117 US-36 near the DecaturRawlins county line Nebraska state line, continues as Nebraska Highway 17
K-119.svg K-119
K-120.svg K-120 K-20 between Denton and Severance In Highland
K-121.svg K-121
K-123.svg K-123 K-23 near the DecaturSheridan county line K-383 in Dresden
K-126.svg K-126 US-400 south of McCune Missouri state line east of Pittsburg, continues as MO-126
K-128.svg K-128 US-24 at Waconda Lake Nebraska state line north of Burr Oak; continues as Nebraska Highway 78
K-130.svg K-130 In Neosho Rapids? I-35/US-50 2 miles (3.2 km) north of Neosho Rapids
K-131.svg K-131 Old US-50 south of Lebo I-35/US-50 north of Lebo
K-132.svg K-132 I-70 in Kansas City US-69 in Kansas City
K-134.svg K-134[6] US-166 Bartlett city limits 0.2
K-136.svg K-136[7] Troy city limits; becomes Last Chance Road US-36, north of Troy
K-137.svg K-137 K-20 in Purcell 0.25
K-138.svg K-138 | It goes through Paxico and ends on I-70, exit 333
K-139.svg K-139
K-140.svg K-140 K-232 in Wilson I-135 in Salina
K-141.svg K-141
K-143.svg K-143
K-144.svg K-144 US-83/US-160 in central Haskell County US-56 between Copeland and Montezuma
K-146.svg K-146
K-147.svg K-147 K-4 near Brownwell In Ogallah
K-148.svg K-148 K-14/K-28 in Jewell Nebraska State Line; continues as Nebraska Highway 112
K-149.svg K-149 US-56 between Delavan and Wilsey K-4 5 miles (8.0 km) northeast of Herrington Municipal Airport
K-150.svg K-150 US-56/US-77 near Marion US-50 west of Elmdale, Kansas
K-150.svg K-150 K-7 on the northwest side of Olathe Missouri state line; continues as Missouri Route 150
K-152.svg K-152
K-153.svg K-153 K-61 2 miles (3.2 km) southwest of McPherson US-56 on the west side of McPherson
K-154.svg K-154
K-156.svg K-156 U.S. Route 50 Business in Garden City I-70 in Ellsworth
K-157.svg K-157
K-161.svg K-161 US-36 on the northwest side of Bird City Nebraska state line; continues as Nebraska Highway 61
K-163.svg K-163
K-167.svg K-167
K-168.svg K-168
K-170.svg K-170 K-99 about 6 miles (9.7 km) west of Reading K-31 on the west side of Osage City
K-171.svg K-171 (east) US-69 south of Pittsburg Missouri State Line, continues as MO-171 4.9
K-171.svg K-171 (west) In Bushton; becomes town main street K-4 north of Bushton
K-173.svg K-173
K-175.svg K-175
K-176.svg K-176[8] Lucas K-18, north of Lucas
K-177.svg K-177 US-54 about 3 miles (4.8 km) east of El Dorado US-24 in Manhattan
K-178.svg K-178
K-179.svg K-179 Oklahoma state line at Manchester, OK K-2 and K-44 in Anthony 12
K-180.svg K-180[9] K-4, south of Alta Vista Alta Vista
K-181.svg K-181 K-232 at the LincolnRussell county line, near Wilson Lake US-36/US-281 2 miles (3.2 km) south of Lebanon 71
K-182.svg K-182
K-184.svg K-184
K-185.svg K-185
K-186.svg K-186
K-187.svg K-187
K-188.svg K-188
K-189.svg K-189
K-190.svg K-190 US-83/US-160 near the HaskellSeward county line US-160 near the Haskell–Grant county line
K-191.svg K-191
K-192.svg K-192 US-59 Near Winchester US-73 9 miles (14 km) north of Leavenworth
K-193.svg K-193
K-194.svg K-194
K-195.svg K-195
K-196.svg K-196 I-135/US-81/K-15 south of Newton K-254 west of I-35/Kansas Turnpike Exit 71 near El Dorado
K-197.svg K-197
K-198.svg K-198 I-70/US-40 at Exit 115 In Collyer
K-199.svg K-199 In Courtland US-36 one mile (1.6 km) north of Courtland
K-201.svg K-201 US-59 Near Stark Stark city limit 0.75 1.2
K-202.svg K-202 US-59 Near Savonburg Savonburg city limit 0.7 1.1
K-203.svg K-203
K-204.svg K-204 US-36 west of Smith Center US-281 in Smith Center
K-205.svg K-205
K-206.svg K-206
K-209.svg K-209 In Woodbine US-77 at the DickinsonMorris county line
K-210.svg K-210
K-211.svg K-211 I-70/US-40 at Exit 99. Old US-40 on the outskirts of Park
K-212.svg K-212 I-70/US-40 at Exit 107. In Quinter
K-214.svg K-214 US-75 on the southwest side of Hoyt US-75 on the northwest side of Hoyt
K-215.svg K-215
K-216.svg K-216 I-70/US-40 at Exit 85. Old US-40 on the southeast side of Grinnell
K-217.svg K-217
K-218.svg K-218 Herington city limits K-4 northwest of Herington
K-219.svg K-219
K-221.svg K-221
K-222.svg K-222[10] US-160 in Mound Valley 0.4
K-223.svg K-223 K-23 near the DecaturSheridan county line K-383 near Leoville
K-224.svg K-224
K-228.svg K-228
K-231.svg K-231 In Dorrance I-70/US-40 north of Dorrance
K-232.svg K-232 K-140 in Wilson K-18 east of Lucas 17
K-233.svg K-233
K-234.svg K-234
K-236.svg K-236
K-237.svg K-237 US-24 between Grantville and Perry K-4 near Meriden
K-238.svg K-238 US-36 near Elwood Missouri state line at Browning Lake
K-239.svg K-239
K-243.svg K-243
K-244.svg K-244 Geary County road south of Milford Lake K-57/US-77 2 miles (3.2 km) northwest of Junction City
K-245.svg K-245 K-4 in Meriden
K-246.svg K-246 US-75 on the outskirts of Sabetha In Morill?
K-247.svg K-247 Ellis I-70/US-40 north of Ellis at Exit 145 0.1 0.19
K-248.svg K-248
K-249.svg K-249
K-251.svg K-251
K-252.svg K-252 In Beverly K-18 north of Beverly 0.5
K-253.svg K-253
K-254.svg K-254 I-135/I-235/US-81/K-96 interchange on north side of Wichita US-54/US-77 in El Dorado
K-255.svg K-255
K-256.svg K-256 US-56 on northwest side of Marion US-77 about 2 miles (3.2 km) east of Marion
K-257.svg K-257 I-70 south of Gorham old US-40 Gorham
K-258.svg K-258
K-260.svg K-260
K-261.svg K-261 On the outskirts of Prairie Dog State Park US-36 north of Prairie Dog State Park
K-264.svg K-264 K-156 2 miles (3.2 km) west of Larned Campus of Larned State Hospital 1
K-266.svg K-266
K-267.svg K-267
K-268.svg K-268 K-31/US-75 north of Lyndon K-68 3 miles (4.8 km) north of Quenemo
K-269.svg K-269[11] US-169, near Bassett US-54, at east edge of Iola
K-271.svg K-271
K-273.svg K-273[12] Williamsburg I-35/US-50
K-274.svg K-274[13]
K-276.svg K-276
K-277.svg K-277
K-278.svg K-278 Northwest side of Eisenhower State Park US-75/K-31 7 miles (11 km) northwest of Melvern
K-279.svg K-279
K-284.svg K-284 K-14 3 miles (4.8 km) south of LincolnMitchell county line In Barnard 6
K-285.svg K-285 About a mile south of interchange with K-10 near DeSoto Southwestern city limits of DeSoto
K-296.svg K-296[14] K-96, east of Mount Hope K-96, near Maize
K-360.svg K-360 US-77 south of Winfield US-160/K-15 east of Winfield 4
K-368.svg K-368 K-268 east of Vassar Pomona State Park 1
K-383.svg K-383 US-83 3 miles (4.8 km) northeast of Selden US-36 northwest of Prairie Dog State Park 7 miles (11 km) west of Norton
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