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Our experience at KDoT was exceptionally educating and fun. We learned a variety of things from the moment we arrived. We learned that KDoT has an aviation division consisting of a few amount of people, yet they can still handle their tasks. The aviation division is always busy and they have to take flights from time to time as part of their job.

We learned how KDoT is in charge of making the roadways that we use everyday safer and also finding out how to make them better. Every year KDoT inspects every road and highway to make sure it meets their requirements.They also do a lot of testing to find the right combination of   soil, sand, and cement to built strong roads and highways. We were shown all the different projects that KDoT currently has, the ones in progress, and completed projects. It was cool to see all the different planning that is involved in making a highway.

We thought that the KDoT trip was one of the most informative trips that we had taken. It had a lot of key information that we were able to use for our website. Apart from them talking about roadways, they also had information on aviation and railways. So almost every group had learned something that was beneficial to them and useful for their websites.

Thanks KDoT !!

I would like to give a special thanks to KDOT, Kansas Department Of Transportation for giving me a chance to be a part of TTMASA. I enjoyed being here at TTMASA I learned a lot of things about KDOT that I didn’t know like all the different careers and how much money they make annually and hourly. Attending TTMASA was a good learning experience for me and I just want to thank you for giving me this chance to experience it. -Dominique Henderson


I want to thank KDoT for being able to make TTMaSA possible this year. I am grateful that they gave us an opportunity to further our knowledge in the field of Transportation and letting us take part in this educating and fun learning experience.  -Jesus Fernandez


Thanks K dot for the great experience , I’ve learned a lot of new things and met a couple of new people. I really enjoyed being here this is something I would recommend that people do next year because I really enjoyed my experience. Also I learned a lot of different things that I didn’t know. Thank you for the great experience and for everything I learned 🙂 -Breana Caldwell


Thanks KDoT for the great experience, I have learned a lot of things, and I’m very glad for being here. Also I met new people and they were so friendly. We had so much fun. We went to new places and learned a lot of information. I just want to say thank you for all the things you have done. – Abdullah Abdullah


Thanks kdot for this wonderful experience,I loved being a part of the TTMaSA program,It was nice to meet new people and learn new things.You guy have sent us on many fun field trips. – Jasmine Carmickel


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