Total Amount of Highways

Here is a chart with a list of how many highways we have in Kansas and the names of the highways. websited(   Number South or west terminus North or east terminus Length (mi) Length (km) K-1 Oklahoma state line, continues as SH-34 US-160/183 6 miles (9.7 km) south of Coldwater 13.4 21.5 K-2 US-281 east […]

Roadway Transportation Inventors

This page is about the people who invented different forms of transportation in general and the years that different types of transportation were invented. It also explains the many different inventors of the cars specifically. There were many different forms of cars, so its hard to give credit to just one person for inventing the car.

Roadway Statistics & Facts

In 2005, United states accounted for 21.5 % of people used cars, 42.7% of trucks and buses registered worldwide.   Metro Ridership in 2011 more than 15.6 million trips. The average weekday in 2010 ridership:50,007. 2010 annual ridership:15.2 million Annual operating budget 87 million. Employes:721 Service area population:781,159 Transportation cars:478 per 1,000 people There is […]

Roadway Time Line

If you would like to know about the history of transportation this is the page for you.This page is telling you about the different inventions and the year they were invented.