My Favorite Field Trip Harley Davidson

My favorite filed trip would be the one to the Harley Davidson Vehicle and Powertrain Operations. This trip was really enjoyable and it gave me the chance to see how an actual assembly line works, which I always wanted to see. It let me see the working environment of the employees working there. We also […]

AirPort Field Trip

                My favorite field trip when we went to the downtown AirPort. We had so much fun and we learned a lot of things, about how to be a pilot. You have to take a pilot school so you can be a pilot. Also we learned about how […]

My Favorite KDoT Field Trip

My favorite field trip is K-dot(Kansas Department of Transportation), I enjoyed myself at the k-dot field trip. They welcomed us with great snacks.They had interesting things to speak about. They had great speakers. The people there were very nice.They even gave us gifts. At K-dot I learned a lot about trains and the accident people […]

Favorite Field Trip.

            My favorite field trip was the one to the Harley Davidson Company. To me this was the most exciting field trip and I liked it the most. We learned about the history of Harley Davidson and how they motorcycles are made. We also learned about what the requirements were to […]

My Favorite Field Trip EPA :)

One of my favorite field trips was the trip to Kansas Department of Transportation.  The reason for that being is because  I liked the long bus ride and also learning the different types of transportation. One of the things that I learned that really touched me was the rail road accidents. I learned that at […]