TTMaSA is a Summer Program that stands for Transportation, Technology, Math and Science Academy. It is held at Donnelly College. This program is designed to help students learn more about the different types of transportation and the different careers within them. Also,  TTMaSA enhances our math, science, and English skills. In total, there are four different groups. […]

What Would I Do If I Won Lottery

  If i won the Lottery, i would fix my car, and then seal it, and buy another car. But my dad wont me to save it and buy soccer cleats. But i already have soccer cleats. My mom wont me to save it so when i go hang out with my friends, i will […]

What I would do if I won the Lottery

There are a number of things that I would do if I would have won the lottery. The number one thing that I feel that would be best is to make budgets for each category that I feel I am going to spend a lot of money on.

Im Rich..=)

If I won the lottery I would…

If I was to win the lotto

If i was to win the lottery I would do a lot with it. It depends on how much I win. But If i was to win like 4 million dollars, First I would go put 2 million into the  bank I would not quit my job because you could never have to much money. […]

My Bucket List

I have a lot of tings on my bucket list that i want to do. But the only three things that i really want to  do is go and spend my summer in Nice in France. And in the morning go and eat at Chocopain. And the other thing that i really really want to […]

Bucket List

If  I had been told the date which I was going to die, I would have a variety of things to do. I would take my family on a round the world trip, I mean all around the word I would go to Paris, France,Austria,Africa,China and many more. I would take a cruise all around […]

My Bucket List

My Bucketlist is full of things that I wish to accomplish before my time comes to an end. The number one thing I wish to do is drive on the German Autobahn. No limits = no worries!

My Bucket List.

Goals I want to accomplish before i die aka bucket list.

My Info

My name is Abdullah Abdullah, and i am 17 years old. I live with my family, and i have tow sisters and one brother, and i’m the oldest. I am a sport guy i like sports, and i Love soccer. I play soccer every day. And now its summer and i’m playing a lot of soccer so i can get better for next year. I Work at Power Play.

All about Talent.

Talent is something that everyone has, even those who say they don’t, they just haven’t found it yet. One of my talents is drawing.


My essay is about how i have not yet discovered my talent , but yet everyone around me has discovered theirs. Also how someday I’ll discover mines.

Undiscovered Talent

My Undiscovered talent, and the talent I wish I had.


My talent is debating, and debating & winning makes me feel good.

Roadway Transportation Rocks!

We are the Roadway group and our names are: Jasmine C, Dominique H, Breana C, Abdullah A, Jesus F, and our counselor is Yazmin M.